Alon Kahana Lab

Welcome to the Laboratory of Orbital Development and Disease

The Kahana Lab studies biology at the intersection of embryology, adult tissue regeneration, stem cells and cancer. As a practicing ophthalmologist and oculoplastic orbital surgeon, Dr. Kahana’s research is focused on disorders of the orbit and visual pathway, but with broad application to a variety of diseases and tissue types. The lab is particularly interested in projects that would lead to breakthroughs in regenerative medicine to cure blinding conditions and cancer.

Our research is based on the hypothesis that disease is a manifestation of normal embryologic processes that become dysregulated -- "wrong place, wrong time." We further hypothesize that a mechanistic understanding of these biological process during embryogenesis and adult regeneration will provide key insights into disease pathogenesis. We focus on the roles of neural crest-derived and muscle-derived progenitor stem cells in ophthalmic disease and in tissue regeneration, and are primarily interested in the intersecting biological processes that underlie embryogenesis, oncogenesis and adult tissue regeneration in the eye and orbit.